Last night, the Casbah played host to a group of drunken science graduate students and “recreational nerds” at an event called Nerd Nite. From what I could make out, the genesis of Nerd Nite had something to do with a grad student field researcher from Boston who went to Cameroon to study parasitic birds, then had to tell all of his friends about the trip. It’s still unclear to me how that evolved into three PowerPoint presentations and a band playing at the Casbah last night, but there you have it.

In addition to the two core talks, last night’s event featured a guest speaker. San Diego’s own Kristen Marhaver, a Scripps Institute PhD candidate, gave a talk called, “How Many Corals Does it take to Screw in a coral reef? Coral sex and why you didn’t really want to be a marine biologist”. If I can find it online anywhere to link to, I’ll update this post. I now know more than I ever wanted to know about coral reproduction. I feel, for the first time, satisfied and relieved that I never went in to marine biology. Kristen was charming and her talk was hilarious yet informative, but it’s impossible for me to say how much of that was the cocktails talking.