This little piece of adorable, via Cute Overload, is a talapoin monkey (smallest of the Old World monkeys). Her name is Yoda, and she’s at the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund, a “primate orphanage” for baby-monkey orphaned victims of the bushmeat trade. Says the hand in the photo:

“…I have returned as a volunteer to the primate sanctuary in Cameroon, and am working again with baby monkeys. Yoda recognized me even after more than a year and a half, and I see her several times a day (though she lives happily with other monkeys, but she still jumps onto my shoulder and strokes my face and hair, quivering with delight. It’s so incredible. I’m here for another 3 months at least. We have 250 primates, including 17 gorillas, more than a hundred chimps, and mandrills, baboons, and monkeys. All are orphans due to the bushmeat trade.”

For more information about the bushmeat crisis, visit the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force site. Using DNA to identify bushmeat species, aka “barcoding bushmeat” is something I’ve heard a lot about here at work. Let’s hope that seeing adorable babies like this help to drive the issue home for people. Could you imagine eating anything that would snuggle into your hand like that?