For all you herpetologists out there, here’s some breaking news. We just received the new issue of Iguana, published by the International Reptile Conservation Foundation, and it’s no longer Iguana. It’s now called Reptiles & Amphibians. I can’t find any mention of this change on their website (it still shows the last issue of Iguana from 2008), and it took a bit of sleuthing for me to figure out it was a title change, but this is what the editor has to say, on the very last page of the new issue:

We’ve had a very busy and exciting fewn months watching this new incarnation of the journal take shape — and we hope you like what you see. Our new title, after much consideration, has become Reptiles & Amphibians: Conservation and Natural History, a name we hope balances description with aesthetic presentation. The biggest and most obvious change on the inside is the use of color throughout, and, given the magnificent variety of our subject matter, the results are sure to please. Imagine our delight at being able to present the newly discovered pink Galapagos Land Iguana in its proper hues! Particular acknowledgements need to go to team members John Binns, Michael Ripca, and Robert Powel for their countless hours and many sleepless nights in bringing our new look to fruition.
-AJ Gutman, Editor

Okay, fair enough. The full color photographs really are lovely. And, to their credit, they’ve kept the same format, size, glossy cover, and enumeration by volume and issue. However, I can’t help but be irritated that I now have to shift all of our current print journal subscriptions to accommodate the name change, since Iguana and Reptiles do not begin with the same letter of the alphabet. For comparison’s sake, here is the new issue, and the last issue of 2008.