This is one of those things that’s just too odd not to post…

The Telegraph reports that a black widow stowed away in a shipment from San Francisco and found it’s way to Mike and Trish Newman’s new home in Wales. The couple trapped the spider in a jam jar, then called an exotic pets specialist to remove it. The article also mentions that the spider will now find a home in the Bristol Zoo.

Black widow spiders are highly venomous, and can cause death in small children or the elderly. They’re very common in Southern California. I remember being warned to stay away from them as a kid, and even as an adult, I’m very reluctant to get near them, even though I like most other spiders. Every time a pipe bursts in my yard, I get out the blowtorch to kill all the black widows lurking near my water shut-off valve, for fear of being bitten. Maybe I’ll just start shipping all of my little spidey friends to the UK? Is this sort of how here in North America we find kangaroos to be adorable and exotic, but in Australia they’re just all over the place?