The BBC has just launched a spectacular new Wildlife Finder website, aggregating their stunning video clips and photographs collected over many decades of wildlife observation. The site is beautifully designed,and organized, allowing users to search by species, habitat type, geographical area, and various behaviors, and even includes a collection of Sir David Attenborough’s favorite clips.

Each animal page features a host of valuable information, including multimedia (video and audio clips), photographs, IUCN conservation status, geographical distribution, taxonomy, general species information, and external links to Wikipedia for further information. New content is being continually added by BBC staffers.

In the process of updating our library’s media collection last week, phasing out a large collection of old VHS tapes and trying to purchase DVDs or Blu-Ray discs of zoo, wildlife, and natural history programs, I was shocked to find that many of these old BBC classics (such as Attenborough’s Trials of Life series) aren’t available on DVD at all, or were only released on Region 2 and/or 4 discs. If they manage to make all of this great footage freely available online, that would really be a triumph. While I’m pleased with the Wildlife Finder’s design and classification, at the moment none of the video clips are working in any of the browsers I’m currently using (Chrome, Firefox, and IE 8). Is anyone else having this problem?