Because it’s pretty important to me to continue learning and improving my skills at my chosen profession, I made an effort this year to overcome my moderate social anxiety and try my hand volunteering for my local professional association chapter. The zoo library doesn’t fit perfectly into the mold of the Special Library Association, but it’s about as close as we come. Certainly it’s more relevant to us than the public-library-centric American Library Association.

I’ve been volunteering for the San Diego chapter’s Archives committee with Daria DeCooman, who asked if she could interview me for an interview series she’s doing for the chapter’s blog. So, my interview is up now! If you’ve ever wanted to hear me answer such burning questions as, “What exactly do you do for the zoo?”, “What kinds of amazing animal encounters have you had on the job?” or maybe “What tips can you offer other info pros seeking jobs in the zoo industry?” then look no further, and head over to the SLA-SD chapter blog.