*Cue sigh of relief*

The Special Library Association name change has been all over the librarian blogosphere. Over the past few months, my email inbox has been inundated with listserv messages about the name change (mostly expressing disgust over the suggested name, “Association for Strategic Knowledge Professionals”, or “ASKPro”). The final vote happened this week, and I’m relieved to report that the proposed name change was roundly voted down.

Direct consequences of this are that I will most likely renew my membership this year. I’m also volunteering with the programming committee of the San Diego SLA chapter, so I can proceed with that process without feeling the huge identity disconnect that belong to ASKPro would have registered with me. Some of the program possibilities include workshops about open source in libraries, which I’m very excited about, and probably something about new developments in mobile access. If you have any other suggestions for me to bring to the committee, please feel free to comment!